This is really the sensation of the Century. For the first time in the internet history, domain name along with an online business was paid more than 1 Billon U.S. Dollars.
The purchase price was offered in the amount 40 Billions U.S. Dollars, which was accepted.
For the majority of the people this amount is hard to imagine. But the deal went through and the most expensive blog in the world changed its owner.

With which I want to congratulate both parties of the this much great transaction.

And so - what is really this "Social Network" as Facebook, Twitter and others?

This is nothing else as financial pyramid in a new form. If you consider it as a business model, we'll see, that we are dealing with the creator, who created the module, and involved participants who
themselves create this pyramid. Thus enabling get rich this module Creator. And it's all is as completely legal. And all society is very Luckely and very Happy. Here must was told - $$$ to Pyramid Module Creator only.

Yes, sure, I'm a bit very and very skeptical sight on this all ""Social Networks"".
Probably because I know what I'm talking about.

Advertising profit and desire to manage people. And this is all and no more.

But it turns out that people themselves want it.









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