Domains zones and their influence on the prices.


#From beginning for registration was opened three basic zones: .com, .net, .org and was added a little later .info domain zone.  Zone .com was intended for commerce, .net is intended for network structures connected by the Internet, .org for organizational works and .info for information activity. The zone .gov was intended basically for governmental resources. For the different countries were open many different geographical domains zones.

#Later, in 2000s, for registration were open additional domains zones. But they had character of the closed club, accessible only to the registered players. At the beginning of opening, the right to registration was accessible the trade marks owners only. In common here is "with observing rules of decency" it the most sweet piece of a pie was bitten off. All rest, from this now opened domains zones,  you can and today there to yourselves to order by most more known or not more known domains registrar.

#All this "domains rest" have a very little financial costs or possible don't cost for domain business. That is a very poor business.

#As an example here I shall show sales by the contents of words insure and insurance in different domains zones:


CarInsurance.com Sold for $49,7 Million
insurance.com Sold for $35,6 Million
insure.com Sold for $16 Million
homeownersinsurance.com Sold for $570,000
autoinsurance.org Sold for $440,000
insurancerates.com Sold for $225,000
insure.asia Sold for $23,865
insure.cc Sold for $580
insure.biz Sold for $500
insures.cc Sold for $53


###We can here see that some domains zones as here .asia quite hold the price. But here is example from the top category of words. And all of them were engaged in new zones at the beginning of registration.


#To the given moment is open for registration a lot of various domains zones. But all of them play a role second minor. As basic will stay above mentioned domains zones .com, .net, .org  All new presented to registration in the Internet as domain zone, it actually registered trade mark with which their owners have decided to propose their registered trade mark for use in the Internet as domain zone registration. And to earn on it. Certainly some of them have the appeal. But all basically such will stay in commercial .com  Therefore .com prices such high.

Approximate percentage cost:

domain zone .com = 100%
domain zone .net   = 40%
domain zone .org   = 15%






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